SF Stays Healthy

Although threatened with legal technicalities and opposition from restaurant owners, it looks like the Supreme Court is allowing San Francisco to continue its ambitious universal health care program.

The court even went so far as to say, “Uninsured people’s hardships from not having health care are far greater than the hardships that businesses would suffer by making payments that could be refunded if they won their suit.” Nice to see local courts doing what federal ones never do. Under Bush’s watch, all you ever would hear about over the last seven years is how the federal courts always sided with business interests. Seeing as how this is the first ordinance in the nation to provide health care for all uninsured residents in a city, its nice to see the Bay Area living up to its reputation as the most progressive region in the country. I hope other cities in the Bay follow SF’s lead. 

Go ‘head Sucka Free. Living in Republican ass Georgia, news like this sure makes me miss home.


3 responses to “SF Stays Healthy

  1. Damn man, that’s incredible. Good news. SF sure has beem showing us some dope ass things recently, I hope it’s not going to be like– kick all the people of color out of the city through gentrification, and then try as hard as they can to make the city better…hmmm.

  2. nuestrasenora

    Kori-It’s Sonja. I like your blog- a lot. I like the Bay perspective. I was working on health care reform on the state level and SF really has done what no one has been able to do-integrate a health care expansion that is inclusive, affordable, and somewhat culturally and linguistically appropriate. Now if only the gentrification of the Bay, specifically SF, would slow down or cease to exist so that ALL folks can take advantage of this courageous new policy.

  3. What up Sonja!

    Man, I totally feel you and G on the whole gentrification in SF tip. It’s crazy how much that city’s demographics have changed even during my short lifetime.

    Now that I’m living in another state, it makes me reflect on how crazy expensive it is to live in California. I’ve talked to a whole bunch of folks of color in Atlanta who moved there from California, mostly from the Bay and LA, who have settled here because there are more job opportunities and the cost of living is relatively lower. You are actually able to buy a decent sized house on a modest salary, things you could never dream about in California.

    Seeing as how Ron Dellums always talks up Oakland’s diversity as being a “Model City,” I hope that they can put some policies in place to stop squeezing out people of color into the suburbs. I don’t know though, our city council is real lame, Berkeley’s is better.

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