Michael Cho


The homie Tad sent me this article about the recent shooting of 25 year-old Michael Cho at the hands of the Orange County, CA police department.

The whole thing just sounds really vague and shady. The guy was an artist who was accused of vandalism, spray painting buildings or something. Does that warrant officers killing him, filling him with 10 bullets? He was waving a “tire iron” at them apparently “ready to attack.” Why not use non-lethal means like pepper spray?

My boy Greg’s been doing a great job of covering some recent shootings at the hands of cops in the Bay Area recently. It just makes me think that the non-lethal means that cops have at their disposal are saved for White folks, while people of color get bullets.

Check out Justice for Mike Cho to see what folks are doing to demand police accountability.


2 responses to “Michael Cho

  1. im speechless. police brutality has gone on for so long. its blatantly obvious that officers are trained to view the lives of people of color as less than that of white folk. either that or people who think this way are signing up for patrol duty every damn day.

    we should be like england where the police don’t carry guns. they have only pepper spray and a baton. our cops aren’t brave, they’re frightened. they’d shoot someone 10-50 times before they’d have to fight them with fists.

    R.I.P. to all those slain by the police.

  2. Word, a society built on fear. Bananas.

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