Nader/Gonzalez ’08

Awww shieeeet sun! Matt Gonzalez from the Sucka Free City is running on the Nader ticket as a vice presidential candidate for 2008. Leave it to the Bay to get hyphy in an election year, I love it.

Best Quote: “If their is any candidate that fears what we are trying to do here, then I invite them to go out and EARN the votes that would otherwise go to us.”

He also wrote a great op-ed piece recently on “The Obama Craze.”


6 responses to “Nader/Gonzalez ’08

  1. Thanks for the news and the links. I’m definitely feeling this choice: “smash the state” indeed!

  2. I feel SO torn when it comes to Nader mang, I gotta be honest. I HELLA feel him when it comes to pretty much everything he stands for, but I also realize the reality of our f**ked up election process. I have pretty much come to accept that if the race is close, the republicans will steal another election. the only way for someone who is not a republican to become the next president os to win in a landslide victory.

    I fear that the same thing that happened the last 2 elections could come about again. While he is always making incredibly valid points is one of the biggest champions of working people, Nader running only makes me feel a lil sick to my stomach.

    I realize that I may seem cynical and unable to see the “bigger picture.” My lens is thru the perspective of someone who has worked in after school intervention for the past 5 years under the Bush Administration. I have literaly had students of mine go to jail, join gangs or die because of “No Child left behind.” Should McCain win, this will continue.

    My fear is that we will have a 3-peat of 2000 and 2004 with Nader mixing things up, and while he has a great point as far as forcing the Dems to step their game up, 8 years of seeing children die and having their lives altered so negatively, makes me wish Ralph would take a break this time.

    Thats my opinon, I could be wrong.

    p.s. “Yah, Trick Yah!” GOES soooo hard. I almost screamed that in one of the teachers faces the other day/got fired, but I was able to hold back. =P Yee.

  3. Excellent point my man. Your experience working in the trenches of the education system is no joke and I definitely hear you on the terrible effects of No Child Left Behind that you have seen.

    To hopefully make you feel a little better, Nader said this when asked the question of his thoughts on again being labeled a ‘spoiler’ candidate that aids the Republicans: “If Democrats can’t landslide the Republicans this year, they ought to just wrap up, close down, emerge in a different form.”

    I agree with that. What I see Nader and Gonzalez doing then, is holding the Democratic candidates accountable to the progressives in this country, because right now, there is no political vehicle that is speaking on progressive views in the elections. The Democratic candidates talk about themselves as progressive change makers, but their actions and policies say otherwise, especially when there is no one there to check them. I see Nader and Gonzalez applying that pressure, and I respect them for it. At the same time, in no way am I passing judgment on those who vote for whoever wins the Democratic nomination.

    It’s just sad to me that the two-party-that’s-really-one-party system always creates these situations where things are so bad that we excuse someone for selling out to the lobbyists in order to win. We have to put our energy into making things a little bit better immediately, distracting us from really thinking about what can be done for the long term. Without a progressive political vehicle in place, like a third party, we will always be in a perpetual choosing between the lesser of two evils situation. The thing is, even if it’s the lesser, it’s still evil. But I know you know that.



  4. Yah! HumunuhHaah! HumunuhHaah!

    Ur smart. I wish I wasnt such a debbie-downer. It IS hella true that if the democrats don’t pull this one off, they ought to just hang ’em up. Democrats “lookin like larry holmes, flabby and sick…” How WHACK was/is John Kerry btw? Remember that bumbleclot bastard?

    I have a feeling (my gosh-darn audacity of hope! gee whilikers!) that the republicans really don’t stand a chance after the sh*t-storm that was GWBush regardless of Ralph and the green party. The other day this ninja George said: “The economy isn’t being affected by the war at all. If anything I think we just built too many houses in America!” He followed that with his signature cackle/chuckle.

    What is the republicans’ explanation when someone asks is Obama prepared to lead the U.S.? If this numbnuts sh*t-for-brains can be President, I could f**kin be President. Sorry for the rant. Just seeing his face/hearing his voice makes me throwup in my mouth a little. =(

    Keep being a beast and ima make it out to the ATL one of these days.


  5. Stay hopeful, C. I’ve had to slowly deconstruct my automatic acceptance of the two party system as the “norm” and the “only way.” I now truly believe that independent third party candidates are extremely crucial to expanding the mainstream political debate, tearing down this ridiculous two-party duopoly, and restoring true democracy. The thing is, I think it’s too big to think about it on a national level…yet. What if folks came together on a local level, formed a slate of independent progressive candidates like we used to do every year at UCSC, targeted city council districts, and took over a city? A city like say, Richmond? Or Oakland? Hmmmm.


  6. Marshmallow Goat

    For those who have concerns about Nader’s running, one of the great things about Matt Gonzalez is his focus on election reform. While I think Nader’s role in the 2000 election did not actually have that much affect on Gore’s loss, election reform would prevent the spoiler effect from occuring.
    However, elections are run by states, rather than the nation as a whole, so a national election might not be the best way to do actually implement election reform. That, and IRV has some minor politico-mathematical problems. [I personally prefer range voting, which has even more of these problems. Nonetheless, their campaign would highlight the issue, and then maybe democrats would do something to implement it, insteading of finding someone to point the blame at for their own failures.

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