Super Tuesday II

Big primaries today in Ohio and Texas for Clinton and Obama. The polls show it to be a tight race in both states. Veteran Democratic strategist Garry South had this to say:

“The fact is, Barack Obama has been winning (earlier) states, not barely, but 2 to 1, 3 to 1. If she turns around and wins a close victory in Texas and Ohio, that doesn’t change the momentum of the race” or flip Clinton’s delegate count, in which South said she is “getting killed” by proportional delegate allocation.

“Look, I’m a world class spinner myself, I’ve had to spin myself in and out of all kinds of campaign situations over my 36 years in this business, but there comes a point where you can’t spin away the facts.”

Don’t you love it when people in politics describe their work as “in the business?” At least they are blatantly open with the fact that our political system is in fact, a big money business. It’s all in the game, sun, capitalist democracy at it’s finest!

By the way, Garry South’s last boss was former Cali Governor Gray Davis. How’d that go for you Garry? “Strategist” indeed.


4 responses to “Super Tuesday II

  1. Daaahahaha!!! Ur snide comments make me smile. I hope Hillary gets creamed tonight (no sexist/mysoginistic puns intended).

    I was watching MSNBC the other day and the folks Keith Olberman was interviewing were folks working for McCain. They basically said in a nutshell, that they are trying to discredit Obama now, so Hillary can win. They seem to believe FULLY that she will be easier to beat than Barack n’ Roll. I agree.

    The funny thing is, I’d rather watch the Warrior game when I get home than the Presidential Primaries. What does that say about our political system? My priorities? The lack of good Bay Area Sports in the past decade?

    Time will tell,

  2. P.S. The Dubs play ATL tonight!!! But I’m sure you already had that marked on ur calendar 3 years ago…


  3. Shiiieet, sun, I’m going to the game yo! Look for the Asian dude in the Warriors hat.

  4. DAAHahahaha! I wont be surprised if ur the only API kid with a warriors hat in the entire arena. Ill be looking for ya!
    Go DUBS!!!!

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