Amazing Amerykah


Erykah Badu’s album dropped this week and SleptOn Mag has a great review. I picked up a copy myself, it’s dope. This woman is amazing.

I heard she recently performed in Israel and publicly expressed her support for Palestine. That makes her more of a gangsta than anyone else in the game by far.


3 responses to “Amazing Amerykah

  1. I just bought this album and it is fresh ta death. She is incredible, but don’t ever date her despite her fineness! You will end up wearing pastel colored sweaters and crochete pants. Word to 3000 and Com.


    p.s. Best Erykah joint many have never heard of is on Rahzel’s (beatboxer of the roots) album called “Southern Girl.”

  2. HMMM, C…

    What’s wrong with pastels? Them shit’s is cute cuz!


  3. LOL. I just pictured myself wearing the outfits i seen common in during that time period and it made me wanna cry.

    When Com came out and performed “the light” when i saw him back in santa cruz, it looked like he had gotten his ass whooped by an easter basket…Buahahhahahaha!

    im stupid,

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