Brett Favre and Municipalization


After 17 years of football, Brett Favre, long time quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, has announced he will retire.

Growing up as a Niners fan in the Bay, I remember some heated games with our rivals, the Packers (who could forget that playoff game with TO catching the winning touchdown pass from Steve Young in the final seconds of the game?). However, you couldn’t deny Favre’s grit and athleticism, the guy was awesome.

I like the Packers. They have the same yellow and gold colors as the Oakland A’s. Their fans have a love for cheese. Really, there’s a lot to like. But the one thing that I have come to respect the most about the Green Bay Packers is that they are the ONLY team in all of the major professional US sports that is publicly owned. That goes to show why they haven’t relocated, as so often billionaire sports team owners do with their franchises, why their stadium has stayed in the same location, and maybe why their fans so passionately love their team.

Imagine if sports teams could be publicly owned? Imagine if the profits generated from sports that usually go straight into the pockets of suited up billionaire White men, could instead go to financing the public school system or health care?

This is possible, it’s called municipalization (it’s in wikipedia, it must be real!), and the Green Bay Packers are a real life example. Don’t you think all cities with sports teams should have this? I do.

Thanks Brett, and thank you Green Bay.


2 responses to “Brett Favre and Municipalization

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  2. Interesting didn’t know that about the Packers.

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