The Name Game

Piggy backing off of the topic of municipalization in sports from yesterday, SF Chronicle sports columnist Ray Ratto recently wrote an excellent op-ed on the issue of corporate naming rights for sports arenas.

The ball parks I remember will always be the Oakland Coliseum and Candlestick Park to me, although Oracle Arena is fast earning itself a loving place in my memory banks (but wouldn’t it be much better as the East Oakland Arena?)


3 responses to “The Name Game

  1. They should call the ROARacle “The O.” As in, “welcome to the O, u weakass bastards! Fear the beard sun!”


    p.s. How old is Ray Ratto btw? I feel like I been reading him since I was kneehigh to a catterpillars toenail.

  2. Welcome to the O sun! Im lovin that shit! Damn, u are a rappin ass dood. Haha never stop spittin king.

  3. Hell yea. the Oakland Coliseum and Candlestick hella stand out. but then so do pac bell park and network associates too. i dont even know what they call pac bell park anymore (which is why i still call it that), i think they changed the name to sbc park but that could be wrong or could have changed since it got changed the first time…i dont know. remember 3COM park which is now Monster park. so fuckin corny and tacky. give them names back to the city or something. they should let the fans, the ones who pay for them damn stadiums, name them shits.


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