Speed Racer International Trailers

Two new international trailers for the Wachowski brothers adaptation of Japanese anime and manga series, Speed Racer. This movie looks insane. I have no idea what to expect from it, but I am curious.


2 responses to “Speed Racer International Trailers

  1. Wachowski tho?!?!? I had no idea. That makes me even more juiced for this. Anime goes (nerd-status-like-yee) hard.

    Peace bruhbruh,

    p.s. glad u an ruby r holding it down in the atl!

  2. Them Wachowskis got dumbo imagination, boy. I didn’t watch that old cartoon too much, but with the few reruns I do remember seeing as a kid back in the day, it seems like they have really captured a lot of that world and transferred it to the big screen. There are some Asian actors in it too, which is cool.

    Yeah, I told Ruby it’s real good to have another dope API BAY-TLien in the dirty dirty. Now all we gotta do is get you down here!

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