Nader/Gonzalez, Democrats and “Fear Based Voting”

Paul Street wrote a great article today posted over at SleptOn. As an admitted supporter of Nader during the 2000 presidential election, Street deconstructs the “spoiler” argument and shows the steady bullshit the Democratic party has been spewing since the Clinton administration in describing themselves as a party for the working class and the marginalized, but only acting in the interests of the corporate elite. He says:

“Obama appears to be the most likely candidate to go up against Mad Bomber McCain. It would be nice if he would dial down the level of his maddening attachment to bullshitting voters – an attachment that may (as with his NAFTA-Canada nonsense in Ohio) admittedly undermine his ability to win the nomination.

In any event, I have a reason I’d not anticipated for wanting him to stay strong in Iowa. If Obama can keep going with a sixteen point lead or more over the scary G.O.P. guy in my state, I can be considerably less afraid to vote for Nader or a different Green or other left candidate.

How strange. If the Democrats end up going with their most thoroughly corporate and militarist candidate (Hillary) – a person McCain can beat within and beyond Iowa – it will increase the likelihood I’ll have to make a fear-based vote for their party. If they go with Mr. HOPE, maybe I can make a vote closer to my own concept of hope, and it won’t be Obama – not by a long shot.”

I understand the phenomenon of “fear based voting,” fearing that if you don’t vote for a Democrat, Republicans will continue to destroy this country. The thing is, I’m starting to wonder if life really is better under a Democratic administration, especially when corporate Democrats like Hilary (and unfortunately, Obama) largely influence the direction of the entire party. As Street shows, the Clinton years weren’t actually that great for working class people, marginalized ethnic groups, labor unions, etc. It only makes the backlash from the Democratic party against any independent candidate like Nader and Gonzalez all the more sickening.


2 responses to “Nader/Gonzalez, Democrats and “Fear Based Voting”

  1. I’m definitely feeling you here. I’m afraid we’re going to get a bit pretty bruised up from our friends on the left who have bought into Obama’s hope message. It’s hard – people don’t want to hear the criticisms that he’s not promising the sweeping change that people are hoping for. I have a lot of friends whose politics are spot on, who have really gone off the deep end in their support — it’s nice to see that people can still believe, but I’m afraid that people think they’ll have more leverage with the agenda once he’s in office. I’m not so optimistic.

    Then again, I have a friend who told me that regardless of the fact that he’s not going to be on point with all of the issues I’m interested in, real things are at stake, like a woman’s right to choose and a range of other issues that will come up before the Supreme Court soon. I guess people have a lot of hope that his presidency would ensure the Court doesn’t go completely off the far right deep end.

    Have you heard about the allegations that Obama has some kind of “link” to the Weather Underground? Fox News has reported on it, and the crazies on YouTube have been having some fun with it. I don’t know, if he doesn’t backpeddle from this, he may actually gain some points from my crew.

    Here’s a link to videos from one of the crazies. The Fox News report should come up in the “related” links on the side:

  2. Hahahah oh man that video is hilarious in how it keeps flashing the “evil skull imagery.” I hope he doesn’t backpeddle from this, but I can totally see him doing that. It is very clear that the man will distance himself from anything that he perceives to hurt his chances at winning. Have you heard how he would not be seen with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom? Apparently because of Newsom’s controversial decision to legalize gay marriage a couple of years ago, Obama did not want to do anything that might associate him with that “controversial” issue. Sigh.

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