Gotta continue to give love to my Warriors who have been quietly playing their hearts out, just as good as any of the best in the NBA. They handled the Toronto Raptors last night 117-106, their last Eastern Conference opponents of the year. It’s all West teams from here on out, which is definitely tough. The fact that they might have to win 50+ games just to make the playoffs this year shows how beastly the Western Conference has become. Run DJE (Davis, Jackson, Ellis) gettin it done, with the help of the awesome supporting cast as well. Ray Ratto came up with that name, the clever bastard.


2 responses to “Run DJE

  1. arent these dudes just absultely f**cking incredible? b-diddy is prolly the best warrior ever, jack can go 1-27 in the first half and drop 20 in the 4th quarter to win the game, an monta may someday take us to championship glory (yeah, i said it).

    i dont think ive ever been this excited about bay sports. these cats literally help me survive my workweek and i live and die by their wins and losses.

    long live RUN DJE, and chuck barkley can eat a japanese/scottish/native-amerikan sausage.

    dubs (alldamnday).

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