Obama’s Landmark Speech

You can’t help but get swept up in Obamania when he makes speeches like this (except for that really irritating line about “Israel being our strongest ally.”)


4 responses to “Obama’s Landmark Speech

  1. yo…yo….yo…I know there have been much more righteous people speaking about race/ethnicity and social justice, but Ive NEVER heard anyone at the level of possibly winning the presidency, talk about sh*t like this. Hillary would pee her pants(uit) before bringing up these isues.

    Jon Stewart said it best: “And on a Tuesday night, a prominent politician spoke to the people about race…AS IF THEY WERE ADULTS!!!!!!”

    Sometimes I hate to even imagine what would happen if he wins because, Im afraid Im just setting myself up for a let-down. *I read an article in “The Nation,” yesterday about how if McCain wins, he’ll be even worse than Bush in some ways in regards to our economy!!! Truly, deeply terrifying.

    In any case, Barack Hussein is an amazing person regardless of all my doubts (even though he seems to support our having a hand in killing palestinians alldamnday…). Just when I was ready to give up on him, he goes and talks about race finally!!!

    To end ima put it like this:
    My homies i grew up with aint always right, but the code of a eastbay, workingclass 80’s baby tells me I gotta have their back regardless. BARACK IS MY HOMIE. He’s gonna f**kup sometimes, but at least people like me are on is radar & in his thoughts, and I cant say that for any candidate with a real shot at winning, since Jimmy Carter (and I wasnt alive then sun!).

    Bless your life King Chedda,

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  3. Word, C. Him being all cozy and cool with AIPAC (the Israeli lobby) is disturbing to me, but it almost looks like it’s impossible to have a shot at winning a federal election without being cool with AIPAC.

    All that being said, I HELLA feel that Jon Stewart comment. Talking about race like adults! Amazing! It is definitely a historical moment for this nation, as no one who hadn’t experienced the “other” America that people of color experience every day would have been able to articulate the issue in the way that Barack does.

  4. Man, mixed people go. I hope people can now understand that mixed people have all the answers to the questions that other people thought they had figured out. hahahhahahahaha. Aw man.

    Really though, that whole Israel shit is so fucked up, bcuz it’s true that you really have to align yourself with the AIPAC if you want to win the presidency, and that shit’s terrible.

    I have been making myself be pessimistic about this Obama campaign bcuz i know that anything politically that ever speaks to the struggle me or my people are dealing with always loses or is sabotaged by the politically conservative. So while i will continue to remain pessimistic in the sense that i don’t believe he’ll win, that result does not change the fact that his mere existance, ideals, words and personal story have done wonders on Amerika finally getting some sense of truth from a politician. And the fact that he’s speaking the truth in times where EVERYTHING is a lie, it is even more compelling and beautiful.

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