Five Years and Counting: End The War


Props to the hundreds of folks who took to the streets of San Francisco last week to protest the fifth year anniversary of the Iraq War. It was apparently a very well organized demonstration that was extremely tech-savvy, with text message descriptions of the day’s events, online video coverage and live radio updates.

Also, while you can think whatever you want about Ralph Nader’s latest independent run for the presidency, the man has been spitting fire in the form of regular op-ed articles over the last several weeks. CounterPunch has a good one in which he talks about retired public servants organizing and banding together to impact the movement to end this terrible war.

With thousands of lives lost, both American and Iraqi, and countless tax dollars wasted that could have gone to education or health care, we should accept nothing less than an immediate end to this terrible war. As much as I would love to believe the rhetoric put forth by Hilary and Obama in terms of both of their desires to end the war, I don’t feel either one is really going to call for immediate withdrawal if either should find themselves in the position to make that call. The military industrial complex wields too much influence in DC at this point in time, and both of them have shown a willingness to dance for the war machine. Don’t even get me started on McCain.

Once again, as it has been for centuries, it will depend on the people’s ability to come together, let their voices be heard, and hold the elected officials who supposedly work for us accountable if we are to end this war immediately.


2 responses to “Five Years and Counting: End The War

  1. Great Post yo! I am HELLA mad that you are all the way in the ATL and knew about this protest and I didnt. =(

    Keep it gully my ninja and yo, GET STARTED on McCain! This cat might actually be WORSE than Bush when it comes to foreign policy and War expenditures! That is some seriously scurry sh*t.

    Feelin scurry,

    p.s. If the superdelegates don’t go by the will of the people (the popular vote) and turn the democratic primaries over to Hillary’s favor, I wil DEFINITELY leave the democraic party and vote for Nader. REAL TALK = 2 g’z, 8 pennies.

  2. I heard Obama call McCain’s campaign the “push for George Bush’s third term,” dahahaahh that clever guy.

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