Assaults on API Women

Up and down the west coast, there has been some disturbing assaults and crimes targeting API women lately. Twenty-four API sistas have been assaulted in Seattle in the last year and a half, although they could be the work of different attackers. In the Bay Area, there has apparently been a string of “purse snatching” incidents that have all targeted API women as well.

The good folks at the Bay Area chapter of NAPAWF (National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum), put on an API Hate Crimes and Self-Defense workshop awhile back, which was great. I know they have a Seattle chapter, and it looks like it might be time to put on another one of these workshops.


One response to “Assaults on API Women

  1. This is f**king terrible. I blame reagan, crack, & the systematic oppression of African heritage Amerikans, combined with the racist notions that API women are small, won’t fight back, and have a lot of money.

    We need to educate&love the youth of color, and provide API/all women with taser-stun-guns.

    Yadadimean? (Hotter than steam),

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