The Politics of Beer


There’s apparently an interesting new book out called Fermenting Revolution: How to Drink Beer and Save the World. Brewing your own beer as an act of political resistance against corporate control? Hell yeah! I was lucky enough to have brewed a batch of my own beer (best present for a new 21 year-old ever, thanks Saika family!) and it was fuckin awesome. One day when I don’t live in a one room studio I’m totally going to set up a brewing station. You get the satisfaction of knowing you’re sticking it to the man, which is actually proven to make the beer taste better (plus there’s no preservatives or chemicals added).


4 responses to “The Politics of Beer

  1. setting up your own brew station $50-$100. getting fadered independently whilest flipping uncle sam the bird? priceless.

    “aye! im on it. aye! im on it. aye! im on it…”

    where can i get my own “brew it yourself kit?” it’s almost friday and (not unlike the cheddarbox) that sounds pratically perfect in every way.


  2. A simple google search of “brewing your own beer” puts you right on the path towards independent fadedness while sticking it to Uncle Sam. Like $100-$150 yo! I’m so on that once I live in a bigger place. The one room studio right now would probably reek of beer ingredients 24 hours a day if I tried it. I don’t think I’m dedicated enough for that right now.

    Have a good weekend, C.

  3. woah. if I could combine my love of naming things with a righteous brewmaster, I can imagine all kinds of awesome labels, like Peoples’ Pilsner, Hipsters’ Bane, and who knows what else.

  4. Man, I am so ready to buy a six pack of People’s Pilsner or Hipsters’ Bane. Ahaahahha thanks for stopping through, Rage my man.

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