Blue Scholars & Native Guns

I’ve been listening to a lot of political API hip hop lately. Enjoy, and much love to all my API brothers and sisters engaging in any form of social justice work.

Native Guns ~ Champion

Bambu (of Native Guns) ~ Pull It Back

Blue Scholars ~ Back Home

Blue Scholars ~ Freewheelin

My brother from another mother (and father) Colin Ehara also just released a dope new album along with his blood brother Akiyoshi and brother (but not blood, but still just as close) Kumar Butler. They are some gifted brothers and I highly recommend everyone and their mothers (and fathers) check it out. Sorry for all the familial title dropping.


4 responses to “Blue Scholars & Native Guns

  1. Yo N.G. and B.S. are incredible and i look up to them in so many ways. ThankyouThankyouThankyou for the shoutout Chendo! Much appreciated.

    Have a great day brutha.


  2. holler….my sister has been passing the music along to me for a while. miss you mucho!

  3. how and where can i cop a cd of colin’s new album???

    yo, have you peeped “power struggle”? their new album slaps! the mc is this filipino cat named nomi and he ain’t afraid to say shit!

  4. Ah, Tad, always with your ear to the pulse of the API hip hop scene.

    You can cop Colin “Senbei” Ehara’s cd at the Berkeley/SF Amoeba stores. The best thing to do though is just peep his myspace page:

    Holler at him and he could send you a copy of the album. I didn’t know about Power Struggle but I’m definitely gonna cop that album. St. Paul Minnesota? Wow.

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