Free Tibet Bridge

Props to the folks who friggin scaled the Golden Gate Bridge in the Sucka Free City the other day to put up a huge “Free Tibet” banner protesting China’s human rights violations. The story even made it down here to the Atlanta newspapers and media outlets. As much as I love my Chinese people and carry a strong sense of ethnic pride, I cannot excuse the terrible human rights violations enacted by the Chinese government, especially in regards to Tibet. And really though, what the hell were they thinking in choosing to crack down on Tibet now when the whole world will be watching them in just a few short months as they host this summer’s Olympic Games? Not smart, China, you shall continue to be thoroughly humiliated by all of these protests popping off around the world from Paris to the Sco.

On the other hand, I get particularly annoyed at how quick US politicians like Nancy Pelosi are to criticize China, instead of taking action and owning the power they hold to really do something about human rights violations in the world. Nancy Pelosi is one of the most influential people in the Democratic Party leadership right now. She could be leading the charge to impeach George Bush and end the Iraq War, arguably one of the worst human rights violations of the last decade. She apparently doesn’t feel the need to do that, but she sure has gotten fired up about this China issue. Please, Nancy, just stop. The Democratic Party never ceases to amaze me in terms of its ability to find new ways to frustrate progressives.

My east coast comrade, Rage (who runs a brilliant blog, Down on the Brown Side, that everyone should check out), also has written some great thoughts on this whole issue.


9 responses to “Free Tibet Bridge

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  4. Thanks for the nod, bro. And damn: I hadn’t seen/read about the Golden Gate banner. Crazy.

  5. Real Talk 2 G’s 1 nickel and 3 pennies. Naw, but for real, major props go to those folks brave enough to climb up the got damn Golden Gate Bridge. Damn.

    That was one of the first things i peeped when i got back from D.C. and it made me feel great to be home, even though i caught a mini flu.

    Peace K-Ched (sounds like K-Fed, hahahahaaha…i’ll never say that again).

  6. ps- why did my itunes decide to cut on (on shuffle mind you) 3XKrazy – Real Talk 2000, as i was leavin that post. Man, crazy shit.

  7. Cuz Tibet is just too real, sun, real talk 2000.


  8. I wish there had been banners saying “Free Iraq” on the other side of the bridge and we’d be able to see which side got more media coverage.

    There’s more than a little racist love tied up in white America’s fascination with Tibet.

  9. SO true on the white fascination with Tibet tip. That would be a great experiment, can some radical sociology student please get on that?

    Thanks for droppin through, Giles.

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