Helen Zia On Running The Torch

In response to all of the Tibet protests, Helen Zia explains why she is carrying the Olympic Torch as it makes its sole North American appearance in the Sucka Free. She is a very deep sister, and I thought this was a really well written piece. Plus, she’s been reppin for the 80’s 21 Jump Street half mullet haircut for decades.


5 responses to “Helen Zia On Running The Torch

  1. It is a shame that the athletes who have trained for so long would get caught up in this.

  2. pahhhhh haha! cooooood blooooodeeeed!

  3. That comment was hilarious. I respect Helen Zia – but I may have to take issue with what she’s written. I’ll have to think about it a little – because I’m wondering if she’s also falling into the same mode of knee-jerk ethnic nationalism over the dialog on human rights… but I have to read it again.

  4. What this whole thing really has showed me is how intertwined sports and politics really are. I often use sports as a form of entertainment, as a way to “unwind” and simply marvel at human ability. However, you can never truly separate sports from the political context of the times, and this year’s Olympic games are a prime example of that (as they have been so many times in the past).

    Rage, I feel you on the skepticism over Ms. Zia’s article. I was really surprised that a lifelong advocate of social justice would take the stance that she has, but I respect her and I think she makes some decent points. It also challenges me to try to make sense of this whole thing by hearing different viewpoints instead of the filtered and distorted information we are fed in the States. I haven’t been to China since the summer of 2002, but I know the changing culture and physical development of the country is taking place at an extremely rapid rate. My critiques of the situation of course have been directed at the actions of the Chinese government, not the people of China. I think Ms. Zia is just trying to remind us all to make that distinction, instead of blanket statements about China reminiscent of Cold War anti-Chinese hysteria.

  5. I definitely feel that. What was that statement at the last Olympic games that the press pulled from the European attendees in the midst of the strong anti-war sentiment there… “I hate America, but I love Americans.”

    Four years later, still fighting three goddamn wars.

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