Pan’s Labyrinth & Mike Mignola

Pan’s Labyrinth was on tv the other night and I was reminded of its dopeness once again. Just a beautiful film on a lot of levels. This of course led to “Pan’s Labyrinth” google searches that in turn led me to the dope ass poster above done by artist/writer Mike Mignola. I’ve been a fan of his Hellboy graphic novels for awhile now, and his really sick art style. Random post giving random props to things I like, blogging at its best.


5 responses to “Pan’s Labyrinth & Mike Mignola

  1. JacquelineAgnello

    Hi Kori word on the streets is hellboy II is coming out soon, looks like it could be good!

    ps. keep up the good blogging 🙂

  2. What’s up Jackie!

    Ya know, I liked the last Hellboy movie but I’m really in love with Mignola’s art style, and I feel like you can’t really transfer that to a live action movie, maybe an animated series/movie. But yo, the sequel looks dooope so it might just win me over. Hope all is well with you, thanks for stopping thru!

  3. this is prolly my fav movie of all time. the way it goes back and forth between fantasy and the ugliness of real life (amidst the spanish civil war) is absolute bananas.

    i HELLA appreciate your nerdiness in the comment above BTW. *SWAYT* =)


  4. Just keepin it real, sun. Nerd to blog.

  5. Nerdiness: When Keeping it real GOES right (left).

    Stay killin these internet thugs (they all need hugs).

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