Bob Barr ’08?

“The two-party system is the problem. If we continue to rely on the two-party system, then shame on us.”

~Bob Barr

Aww shit, sun. It looks like former Georgia Republican congressman Bob Barr is considering running for president this fall as a Libertarian candidate. Barr left politics and the Republican Party in 2003, and since then has become active within the independent Libertarian Party. Finally, a somewhat popular independent candidate on the Right! Now, his ultra-conservative views couldn’t be further from my progressive politics, but I hope he manages to take some votes away from McLame and also takes some of the heat off of Nader and Gonzalez for not being the only “spoilers.”

(Note: You are not a spoiler for engaging in politics independent of the two-party Democratic/Republican duopoly. Voting for independent candidates is not a “wasted vote.” The corporate controlled Democratic Party has shown that at this point in time, and maybe forever, it will not be a vehicle for real progressive change, it will only ever be “the lesser of two evils.” The lesser of two evils, however, is still evil.)


3 responses to “Bob Barr ’08?

  1. Great post. I actually remember this dude when he was trying to impeach Clinton… LOL.

    I am in 200% agreement that the 2 party system is all-to-the-bad. “Democrats are f*ckin idiot, Republicans are f*ckin idiots: anyone who makes up their mind on an issue before hearing everything about it is a f*ckin idiot…” (Chris Rock).

    I highly recommend watching “Lions for Lambs,” w/Merryl Streep, Tom Cruise, Robert Redford and Derek Luke. It gives a really deep look into the super-gluish ties between the goverment and the media (aka the 4th branch).

    Wen Ho Lee for pres in ’08,

  2. Definitely gonna peep that flick.

    I also got one for you: the book “End Times: Death of the Fourth Estate” by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Claire. Really good book on the same subject, how intertwined the media is with government. It’s by the folks over at CounterPunch, probably my favorite political website.

    Bambu/Kiwi ’08,


  3. Hehe. “Cockburn…” =P (Yes, I am 8 years old.)
    I read him a lot in “The Nation.” He’s brighter than a halogen lightbulb.
    Ima definitely check on that one.

    Go warriors(?),

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