Here’s To Next Season

Unfortunately, the Warriors were officially knocked out of the playoff hunt with their loss to the Suns last night. This Baron Davis photo circa 2005 pretty much sums up my feelings. It really sucks that we actually are going to end with a better record than last season (when we went on a historical upset playoff run), but aren’t going to the post season because of a ridiculously competitive western conference. Not to mention that we’re probably better than almost all of the eastern conference playoff teams except maybe the Pistons and the Celtics.

Looking to the future, though, I really hope we can make some power moves in the off season. Who knows, some solid post players and we just might be able to make a run for the ship. Come on, management, at least make it look like you’re actually trying to make the team better (*cough* terrible chris webber idea *cough*). Even better would be for the city of Oakland to buy the team from whatever billionaire white guy owns it so that profits could go to education, health care, cleaning the sewage out of Lake Merritt, etc. Guess I’ll have to keep dreaming on that last one.

Still, thank you to the team for another entertaining season. Best sports team the Bay has going for it right now, hands down.

As for the playoffs…go Hawks?


One response to “Here’s To Next Season

  1. my head hurts. im still trying to harness my chi to be able to do this post myself. we had our best season in 14 years, but when all was said and done we couldnt beat the nuggets on our home court last week. its really just too bad jack and baron ligtweight vanished toward the end of the season. i still love ’em tho. more to come on this issue at colinresponse later. *sigh*


    p.s. I said from jump that C-Webb was turrrible idea, did I not?
    p.p.s. I’ve decided I’ll be pulling for the Hornets and Celtics this year. As Dubs fans know, underdogs GO.
    p.p.p.s. Charles Broccoli can eat a bag of dildoes. (Is that oppressive to say? Apologies to any dildoe eaters who might be offended by that.) =P
    p.p.p.p.s. I am stupid.

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