Ms. Pacman Goes!

I peeped this video on the homie Jamilah’s blog and had to shamelessly repost it, it’s just too good. Jamilah, I love you, this shit made my day. Ms. Pacman go go goes!


4 responses to “Ms. Pacman Goes!

  1. hella funny.

  2. holy sh*tballs that was oober-special.

    pac-man aint sh*t.


  3. yo, you gotta peep “the king of kong: a fistful of quarters”. eventhough it has no political or social relevance, only has straight, middle-class white men in it…its one hella of a flick.

    one of the better made docs i’ve seen in a long time. peep game:

  4. “Most significantly, Ms. Pacman has a single eye. she had a vision… perhaps a vision for gender equality?” HAHAHA. Can’t wait for the next time we hit up Jillian’s or Dave & Busters. Foosball just isn’t promoting gender equality the way Ms. Pacman is doing it. Oh, so it’s about to be on like donkey kong : )

    P.S You know who else has a single eye? Wedge.

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