Rich, Wayne, Lyfe & Janet

Lil Wayne ~ “Lollipop”
(They’re lovin this song in the dirty and Wayne’s got bookoo swag)

Rich Boy ~ “Let’s Get This Paper”
(RB spits fire truth and Polow Da Don has beats for days, this song go go goes)

Lyfe Jennings ~ “Never Never Land”
(Real talk, the new Lyfe Jennings album is at the top of my most wanted list. Quite possibly the best line ever goes to Lyfe with: “I don’t care what they told you, 30 is not the new 20, it’s the same ‘ol 30…Don’t be mad at me Jay!”)

Janet ~ Rock With U
(Does the new Janet album really slap?)


2 responses to “Rich, Wayne, Lyfe & Janet

  1. Get this paper: Best RichBoy song EVER.
    There is something about polow da don that surriously gets on my nerves but i cant put my finger on it. maybe its producers who feel they have to talk all over their tracks for every single damn song they make (ie: DJ “We Da Best!!!” Khaled: I could write you a book about why that guy sucks and blows at the same time.)

    Janet…This feels forced like Jordan’s comeback to the Wizards. You still good, but it shatters the image of perfection I once had of you in mind.

    Yaohw! *Weezy voice*

  2. Ohhh coooold blooooded. I guess I better file that Janet song under “guilty pleasure.”

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