Barack Bitterness Ballin’

Dave Lindorff at CounterPunch wrote a great article the other day in response to attack’s on Barack Obama over comments he made at some Frisco speaking event. I know I’m late on this but in case you didn’t hear, Obama apparently described the bitterness and frustration felt by voters in small town, middle America and how this bitterness has led a lot of them to vent their frustrations on Black people, immigrants, non-God fearing heathens, people wanting to take away their guns, etc. instead of the politicians and corporate interests who are really the ones that have been hurting them. Um, sorry, call me a city boy but I don’t really have a problem with those comments.

The interesting thing though, is that Lindorff talks about how Barack’s responses to those attacks on him have brought out this somewhat populist message that is just as strong as anything Ralph Nader has been saying for like, his whole life. He says:

If Obama sticks to this rhetorical approach in the coming weeks, he will nail this nomination in spite of a concerted attack on him by the corporate media and by the combined forces of the Clintons and McCain.

And if he does win the nomination, and resists the siren calls of the Democratic Party leadership to “move to the middle,” and instead hones this populist message, he will go on to win the presidency.

That’s when the real challenge will come, for an aroused citizenry, in those rural communities and in the larger cities across that nation, to make a President Obama and a Democratic Congress deliver on these words.

For now, they’re pretty powerful words, and just hearing them coming from a Democratic Party frontrunner is an exciting change.”


In totally different Barack news, the homeboy Tad passed along this wonderfully entertaining little youtube clip showing an interview with the presidential hopeful talking about his passion for basketball. I mean shit, the man was likable enough already but knowing that him and I share a mutual love for this great sport is almost too special. I mean come on, he said he would put a full court in the White House, fer chrissakes! That is just too dope (thanks, Tad).


4 responses to “Barack Bitterness Ballin’

  1. Like the (sillyass) Warriors, I think I have WAY too many hopes riding on this election/Obama. I’m just praying I’m not setting myslef up for yet another let-down. Unfortunately when you root for the underdog, let-downs happen more often than not. The crazy sh*t is that he isn’t even the under-dog! He’s in the lead! But why do I still feel like the odds are overwhelmingly against him? Hmmmm….

    His comments in the Yay were totally warranted. HELLA funny/sad that when politicians tell the truth, they have to apologize for it. *SIGH…*

    Have a great day family. Much love from the Eastbay to the A.


  2. other than the new york times, cheddar box in my main source of information. i’m feeling the janet and ballin’ barack.

    you go.

  3. I wanna play with Barack. I’m quite certain I’ll lose. But it would be the proudest loss I’d ever have!!

  4. He seems like a pretty decent guy, he might let you win as a way of “inspiring” another young American.

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