Broken Halos

I briefly shouted out my homeboy Colin “Senbei” Ehara’s new album, “The Literary Ca(n)non” awhile back but I wanted to go ahead and give it a proper post. Senbei has teamed up with a very talented production duo comprised of his brother Akiyoshi and another Bay Area beatsmith Kumar Butler to produce an excellent album. All the tracks are solid, but “Color of Water” and “Things Fall Apart” have really stuck with me.

Colin and his partner in rhyme, Jeimil Belamide, go by the name of Broken Halos and have been making music together for years now. I actually went to school with both of these cats and have always respected and looked up to them for their activism, consciousness, and for being some talented writers who could spit that fire.

If you are in the California Bay Area, you can purchase the Literary Ca(n)non album at the Amoeba Records stores in Berkeley or San Francisco. Otherwise, head on over to the Halos myspace page where you can download songs directly or message Colin to get a copy sent to you (unless you don’t have myspace, in which case just leave me a comment and I can get them to send you a copy).


4 responses to “Broken Halos

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  2. I appreciate your support more than you know brother. Yo! I was just featured in the nichibei times newspaper over here in their annual “music issue.” Im really glad u like “Things Fall Apart,” too. That one is special to me and was the first song I worte and recorded for this project.

    Have a blessed day my ninja.


  3. Great interview in the Nichibei Times. Play on, playa.


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