T.Naka & The Guns

Bambu’s “Chairman Mao” video, directed and edited by the homie Tad Nakamura, world premier on The Cheddar Box! Just kidding, it’s actually posted over on Tad’s youtube page, along with other videos he produced (everyone who went to UCSC Oakes College has to watch “The Muralist”). Between this and my earlier post on Broken Halos, what can I say? All my homies have bookoo talent.

Below is a short doc on Bambu and the Native Guns crew Tad put together awhile back. Those brothers are the truth for real.

“The Guns Show Pt.1”

“The Guns Show Pt.2”


3 responses to “T.Naka & The Guns

  1. Tad and Native Guns GO, GO-gadget-STUEY.

    nuff sed,

  2. “Chairman Mao” is the best song ever made. Thanks for posting these clips- they capture the Native Guns energy so well.

  3. No problem, Tad did a helluva job.

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