Why White People Like San Francisco

So the Stuff White People Like blog has been taking the internet by storm (or at least among my friends), with it’s spot on analysis and study of the behavior, tastes and attitudes of white people. The recent post on San Francisco was just too funny not to repost. Here’s a sample:

“The City of San Francisco has a very multicultural population that ranges from white to gay to Asian. Within white culture this known as “ideal diversity” for its provision of exotic restaurants while simultaneously preserving property values. The presence of gays and Asians is imperative as it two provides two of the key resources most necessary for white success and happiness.

However, it is important to be aware of the fact that regions outside of San Francisco feature many people who are not white, gay or Asian. They are greatly appreciated during the census, but white people are generally very happy that they stay in places like Oakland and Richmond. This enables white people to feel good about living near people of diverse backgrounds without having to directly deal with troublesome issues like income gaps or schooling.”


4 responses to “Why White People Like San Francisco

  1. The City’s (aka the “Sh*tty”) gentrification of areas like the Mission and soon, the Bay View Hunters’ Point area is absolutely f*ckin’ crazy. More and more San Franciscans (mostly black and brown) are being forced to move to the EastBay or even further away.

    I hella loved the “Stuff White People Like,” blog until I found out that they had been bought by Target. From then I kind of have this feeling that they are just trying to sell me something, whether they are or not. Going back to school next year will be crazy because I’ll be spending so much of my time in SF. I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing more of the “Sh*tty,” than I ever have before.

    Speaking of the “Sh*tty,” Im very sorry i missed you when you were out here for a sec. The $20 fee to get in Envy ($40 for me AND wifey + drinks), mixed with gas, toll, my 9am bball game the next day made that trip mission implausible.

    Big love to u KC (no homo…phobia). If anything Ill make it out to the A soon or just wait for muy stuey action in vegas come June time.


    p.s. Thanks for shouting out the Rich!

  2. gunshotlullaby

    Kori! It’s David Scott! Writing with exclamation points!

    ey yo, i got into MAAP, so…yeaaaah. crazy juiced.

    what should i prepare myself for, sir?

  3. Colin,

    Where did you hear that SWPL got bought by Target? I know they posted saying that, but I’m pretty sure it was an April Fool’s joke.


    Congratulations, bruh, I had heard you got in from my many sources, hahhaha. I’ma email you soon.

  4. I really hope you are right about it being a joke. LOL I really havent looked at it ever since I read that! Daahaha

    SF is so funny. I am a lifetime Giants fan (my Pops grew up w/ willie mays and my ‘rents lived in the mission during the 70s), but I HATE Giants fans. These cats are hella quiet and talk about their stock investments at AT&T Park in the bottom on the ninth w/ 2 outs in a tie game with runners in scoring position.

    A’s fans are so much doper and down for their team (until they move to Fremont that is). I always feel torn at either ballpark when I hit up a game. Bourgeois SF bastards… =P

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