Asians Against White Supremacy Go!

Ripped this off of Angry Asian Man, the photo really is just too dope not to repost. It was apparently taken from a recent student protest at the University of Washington (which I visited when I went to Seattle, beautiful campus). Like he says, the sign, the woman’s facial expression, everything about it go go goes. The photo was taken by Nick Feldman.


5 responses to “Asians Against White Supremacy Go!

  1. “BOOO Racism! Hooray Beer!”

  2. hey what’s up, I was going to e-mail you, but no luck finding an address… I was just hoping you could cite my photo and link it to my site — — glad you liked it! power to the people!

  3. No problem, Nick. Great shot.

  4. Help me out.

    What exactly is “White Supremacy”?

    Does the 42 year old white boy who details my car on Thursdays benefit from this “white supremacy”?

    I’ve had people discuss this omnipresent “white supremacy” on my blog as if it’s existence was as certain as gravity, yet no workable definition ever came of it.

    Help a brotha out.

  5. DV,

    First of all, I make no claim to be an expert on “white supremacy” nor do I pretend to have an exact definition. In my opinion though, I use the term white supremacy to refer to the white power structure seen throughout the world, and especially in the US, that “ranks” different races and people, with whites on top.

    This system also ignores the fact that whites came into power through the brutal colonization, rape and genocidal murder of millions of indigenous people around the world, as well as through centuries of the enslavement of others. I say this not to make white people feel guilty, although many of them undoubtedly do, it is simply fact.

    So yes, I think the 42 year old white boy who details your car does benefit to a certain degree from white supremacy. He probably does not get stopped by the police for no reason while driving home from work as so many black folks do. He also will more often than not have a better chance at getting a job when competing with a similarly qualified person of color. I am not saying the man does not struggle in his life or has it easy, I am simply saying that the complex system of white supremacy in this country allows even poor working class whites to benefit in subtle ways.

    Thanks for stopping through.


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