Monthly Archives: May 2008

Geo On Mass Movement TV

Geologic of Blue Scholars spitting fire over the “Paper Planes” beat, probably my favorite M.I.A. song. The homeboy Tad cut this video, peep Mass Movement TV, a blog him and some other homies are running (shout outs to ET and Chris G).


Rza, “You Can’t Stop Me Now”

Rza is the frickin man. Wu-Tang forever. This one’s from his upcoming “Rza as Bobby Digital” album, Digi Snacks.

The Fourth World War

This film, The Fourth World War, is incredible. Buy it to support the filmmakers, but I think the most important thing is to watch it, so it is posted in full below. It does a really beautiful job of highlighting the many struggles against the globalized corporate empire from South Korea to Argentina to New York to Palestine to Chiapas. The struggles for social justice are not isolated, this is a global movement to imagine and create another world, and this film made me realize that once again.

Gotham Knight Trailer

New trailer for Gotham Knight, the animated Batman dvd project featuring six original stories directed by famous anime directors. Looks siiick.

November ’08 Crucial for Cali

My co-worker recently had this to say about the recent California supreme court ruling legalizing gay marriage:

I am becoming increasingly a conspiracy nut — old age — but the California Supreme Court has been an embarassment for the past 15 years. Now, months before the election, the decision comes out — in just enough time for it to become a california ballot issue — and for every bigot and homophobe to come out to vote this decision down, change the state constitution, and vote for mccain while they are at it. karl rove, i am sure, has never felt so blessed.”

This could be scarily true, so we have to do everything we can to get out the vote this November and make sure we do not let the crazies turn back this historical moment in the state and country’s history.

What Charles Says

Hilarious. Ali Wong was one of the main motivators to get this blog started, and now she has one of her very own! Go see one of her shows!

Charles Barkley was the motivational speaker for my 7th grade class. Although he constantly hates on the Warriors, I can’t ever seem to stop being entertained by him. Fear the Beard puts the man in perspective and he makes some good points.

The Cheddar Path

What up, folks.

First off, I just want to say thank you to everyone who reads The Cheddar Box, anyone who comments on posts that catch their attention, and all of the people who have given great feedback. Since starting the blog almost a year ago, it has totally exceeded any modest expectations I had for it, specifically, a way to share information, a way to spark dialog, and a way to put some of my own thoughts out there for my own sanity and self-therapy.

That being said, I’ve discovered that I enjoy this blog shit a lot, and have decided to branch out and start another one. It’s called The Cheddar Path, and it’s going to cover a growing interest I’ve developed in what is called social entrepreneurship, that is, using business models to further social justice causes. In this crazy capitalist world we live in, I’m interested in finding new ways to practice community based economics that benefit, rather than exploit the people. That’s what I’m hoping The Cheddar Path will be all about, finding a better path to that cheddar we all need to survive!

The Cheddar Box isn’t going anywhere, this is just a way of organizing my crazy brain into a personal blog (the Box) that gives me the freedom to talk about whatever (“So today I woke up and thought to myself…”) and another way more specific and topically focused blog (the Path). I know what you’re probably all thinking. Two blogs? What the hell is this guy thinking? Way too much time on his hands, wasting way too much time on the internet. That may very well be, but we’ll see what happens. Check it out and let me know what you think!