A Dismal Time for Electoral Politics

Joshua Frank summed up the sorry state of electoral politics in 2008 America brilliantly the other day on CounterPunch. However, I like how he highlights that no matter who is in office in Washington, the real progressive battles that inspire true hope (and actually get real results–yes, it is possible for the left to win battles), happen on the ground, in the community, in places widely known and places totally off the radar:

Activists on the ground fighting to stop the conveyor belt execution industry of Texas, organic farmers battling Monsanto in North Dakota, Native Americans challenging the federal government over ancient land rights, unionists fighting for a fair wage, environmentalists working to hold polluters accountable for their actions — all of these activities will rage on under the radar despite who is in power in Washington. And these are the campaigns that we ought to be supporting.

So don’t worry too much if the left seems dead in the water this year. It may well be, but grassroots activism is alive and well across the land in some of the most remote, forgotten places you could imagine.”


2 responses to “A Dismal Time for Electoral Politics

  1. Such a dope article. CounterPunch is the shiznittlebamsnipsnapsally. I just started subscribing to “The Nation,” and it has many of the same writers contributing to it. If “The Nation,” is ‘OZ,’ “CounterPunch is ‘The Wire.’ =P

    With the NC and Iowa primaries coming up next Tuesday (can someone tell me who the f*ck decided Tuesday was a good day for people to go out and vote? Tueday is the least crackinest day of the week by FAR), we’ll have to wait and see how Amerikans choose to destroy our country/the world further. At least this article points out (thankfully), the myriad ways progressive politics are being played out OUTSIDE of these political bullsh*t games.

    Fresh post KC.


  2. Word. Sometimes I think The Cheddar Box should just be renamed “The I Love CounterPunch Box.” I might start subscribing to the CounterPunch newsletter, profits from that are the main way they fund their website (as well as sales from their books and ads from Amazon).

    If the left is dead, grassroots activism is alive and well, sun!

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