Sabzi Goes Bananas

Ali Wong put me up on this video recently. It’s a three part interview with Sabzi, producer/dj of Blue Scholars. He makes some interesting points about hip hop production, the craft, the business, etc. If you don’t have enough time to watch all the parts now, I suggest skipping to part 3, where Sabzi takes you through the beat making process. His TV On The Radio “Staring At The Sun” remix at the end pretty much blew my mind. Talk boxes are the shit!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


4 responses to “Sabzi Goes Bananas

  1. OMFG. Thank you for posting this. From the moment I heard them, Blue Scholars have risen up to the top of my long list of artists I respect, and I’ve been saying that it’s the perfect blend of studio/production innovation (I hear knew pieces of Sabzi’s brilliance whenever I play the albums), MC wizardry, and righteous politics. But seeing Sabzi in the studio just cemented that feeling.

    Damn, I want that TV on the Radio joint *now*.

  2. I know! It’s like, damn, these guys really are the real deal, huh? That piano solo was so dope, Sabzi seems to be a really talented overall musician, which makes his production brilliance a lot more understandable.

  3. Wow – after watching him break down how he created the beat for “Connect Four” the song has been on heavy rotation on my ‘phones (I guess, this morning?) and I can appreciate it that much more.

    I think Sabzi was classically trained on piano. I really liked his description of how people focus so much on gear that they don’t develop skills. Kind of how I feel about some folks in the movement.

    But I’m not hating or anything. It’s just, you know, the degrees are nice, the awards are nice, but where’s your heart? And are your feet pounding pavement? When it comes down, you gonna be around?

    Btw – Blue Scholars just dropped another EP, for “Loyalty”.

  4. Rage, you ain’t never lied, brother.

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