Zirin Brings the China Olympics Home

Dave Zirin’s latest Edge of Sports entry was fire as usual, this time refocusing the ongoing controversy surrounding the Olympic games in China and reminding Westerners that critiquing the Chinese government does not automatically excuse US atrocities. I was really feeling this one because at first, I was all about the “Free Tibet” protesting, but as it has gone on, I’ve become uncomfortable with all of the anti-China rhetoric. I definitely respect the movement for a free Tibet, and I think the Chinese government’s treatment of the Tibetan people has been awful. At the same time though, all of this anti-China sentiment in response to the Olympic games has, like I said, made me uncomfortable, because of largely what Zirin talks about in his article, saying:

“…Blaming China for the ills of the world ignores the stubborn fact that there is a reason the games are in Beijing. Western complicity in China’s crimes isn’t challenged by bashing China. It’s only covered up.”

Word. DZ is just a smart, smart, smart guy. Can they please hurry up and release A People’s History of Sports?


9 responses to “Zirin Brings the China Olympics Home

  1. Thank u so much for putting me on to Dave Zirin. I thought that article was super articulate and I love the way he always sheds light on how sports and politics ALWAYS intersect.

    Highly looking forward to “The Peoples History…of Sports,” coming out. You know when that drops?


  2. DZ is the truth.com man. I’ve never heard the man say anything I didn’t agree with so far, and I would never have expected so much fire to come from a regular looking Jewish dood from New York! Never judge a book by its cover, as they say.

    People’s History of Sports is supposed to drop in September, I’m so ready.

    Peace C, have a blessed day.


  3. you know i been a fan of zirin’s for years now, but i have to say this piece isn’t his best work. i mean, i agree with all his points, but i feel he isn’t going deep enough with his analysis.

    then again, there are word limits and such.

    but i think what’s been bothering me is that no news source – left or right – will consider that the tibet/china issue isn’t as straightforward as they present it.

  4. I feel you, Giles, I think my ADD’d consciousness needs analysis in short sound bites, DZ’s articles are always the perfect length for that.

    Haha, but I think that’s what I liked about this particular article, in terms of DZ at least pointing to the fact that the issue is not as straightforward as it’s being presented, even though he doesn’t flesh out that concept well.

    Thanks for stopping through, bro, good luck with things.


  5. I 1,000,000% agree with you K.Chedda. I really think i got that adult ADD shit. Zirin is perfect for that. But yea, i completely agree with giles too. I actually don’t know a lot about that whole china tibet shit, other than the fact that i grew up in Berkeley and every car here has a “Free Tibet” bumper sticker on it, and thus i was always turned off to knowing anything about it, you know that whole weird white privilege thing and the fact that these people really want to “free tibet” but not north & central Richmond or east & west Oakland, but you know.


    Cheddar Man!

  6. Ahaahahah, Mitch you ain’t never lied, sun. I hated how those got damn bumper stickers on all the cars in Berkeley made the Tibetan struggle annoying! Middle class White people got them a fierce fetish for some Free Tibet.

  7. fierce fettishes make baby jesus cry.

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  9. hahaha. man o man, that unfettered ass whiteness.

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