Graphic Novels in the Classroom!

Stanford now teaches a class on writing graphic novels, and the class gets to collectively write and produce a story together! Dope. Their first project produced the novel shown above, Shake Girl, which is apparently set in Cambodia. Another example of how the graphic novel is growing in popularity and influence (it is the only form of book whose sales are actually growing right now).


4 responses to “Graphic Novels in the Classroom!

  1. WOW. This ALMOST makes me wish i went to stanford. I have this vision of doing an autobiographical graphic novel (with Em) paired with a Hip-Hop album for my M.A. dissertation. (I jus get nerdier every day dont I?)

    Have a great day broshot.

  2. Yo, concept albums paired with graphic novels are the shit! I’m so ready.

    Nerd on, bruh.


  3. dodat shit colin! foreal, academia is all about paying money to do your thang, get that receipt, and use it to stack so you can repay your loans. plus academic fucks will eat that shit up, add a little multiracial identity and some self-critical gender analysis…it’s a rap!

    -tad one

  4. Daahaaha! Yall are cooler than freddie jackson eating a snowcone in a snowstorm.
    yonsei diggler-ass mahf*ckas.


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