Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is my favorite anime series, and in some circles has been called one of the greatest anime series ever produced. It’s this crazy brilliant mixture of sci-fi, cowboy western, Hong Kong action all complemented by a dope Jazz/Rock soundtrack. The show’s director, Shinichiro Watanabe is a genius. Highly recommended.

Opening Theme

Dope sequence from the “Ballad of Fallen Angels” episode

Crazy sequence from one of my favorite episodes, “Pierrot le Fou” (I know J-Fish feels me)


5 responses to “Cowboy Bebop

  1. gotDamn anime goes. I think because of internalized racism, I shied away from it for a long time because my brown/black homies kinda expected me to watch it and would whooride immediately if i did. I’m glad Ive been able to step out of those mental shackles and truly appreciate how dope Japanimation really is.

    That Avatar ish is the jumpoff cuz! Its nice to watch something that isnt hella brash/violent (cuz its some nickelodeon ish) but still is talkin bout some hella real ish. (I say “ish” a lot.)

    Please tell me youve watched Akira while playing DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing! If you havent, puff the magic dragon, put the album/DVD on and be amazed. It links up perfectly. Shadow is a beast and the reason I havent written off white, suburban HipHoppas (Davis, CA like whuuuh!) completely.

    Keep it thorough in ya borough, King Cheddar,

  2. Yo I think the first time I synced up Akira/Endtroducing was at the Bellevue house in Santa Cruz! Totally blew my mind.

    Glad you’re loving that Avatar ish, sun, I knew it was right up your alley. Peep Cowboy Bebop if you haven’t already. The director, Shinichiro Watanabe, also did a series that mixed elements of hip hop with a Samurai story called Samurai Champloo. That’s definitely going in a future post.

    Play on, playa.


  3. Samurai Champloo used to be on right after the Boondockson Cartoon Network, and please believe I was all over that that like ICE on brown people. =(


  4. This box set is sick… I could spend a whole day doing beebop marathons. Don’t sleep on the movie either!

  5. I’m all about them bebop marathons, sani. And please believe I got the movie too, it’s dope!

    I just finished watching samurai champloo. What’d you think of that one? I thought it was pretty clever in terms of its use of hip hop elements, but the storyline overall was nowhere near as dope as bebop. That’s just me though. Hope all is well with you man.



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