The Cheddar Path

What up, folks.

First off, I just want to say thank you to everyone who reads The Cheddar Box, anyone who comments on posts that catch their attention, and all of the people who have given great feedback. Since starting the blog almost a year ago, it has totally exceeded any modest expectations I had for it, specifically, a way to share information, a way to spark dialog, and a way to put some of my own thoughts out there for my own sanity and self-therapy.

That being said, I’ve discovered that I enjoy this blog shit a lot, and have decided to branch out and start another one. It’s called The Cheddar Path, and it’s going to cover a growing interest I’ve developed in what is called social entrepreneurship, that is, using business models to further social justice causes. In this crazy capitalist world we live in, I’m interested in finding new ways to practice community based economics that benefit, rather than exploit the people. That’s what I’m hoping The Cheddar Path will be all about, finding a better path to that cheddar we all need to survive!

The Cheddar Box isn’t going anywhere, this is just a way of organizing my crazy brain into a personal blog (the Box) that gives me the freedom to talk about whatever (“So today I woke up and thought to myself…”) and another way more specific and topically focused blog (the Path). I know what you’re probably all thinking. Two blogs? What the hell is this guy thinking? Way too much time on his hands, wasting way too much time on the internet. That may very well be, but we’ll see what happens. Check it out and let me know what you think!


5 responses to “The Cheddar Path

  1. It was just a matter of time before this popped-off! Cheddarman, I just peeped the cheddar path and it reminded me of a lot of the conversations we had in Louisiana about getting non-profits to be less dependent on these grants, etc. It’s gonna take help from a dude I know to be a credible source of information, and speaks/writes in a way that makes sense to me to get me to read about all the business stuff. I’m in an Intro to Business class and a Macroeconomics class right now which means that the walls to the learning about and understanding these topics have been slowly coming down, and you’re just the guy to get my brain looking at some of these topics. Good shit, bruh.

    So got damn professional.



  2. G, thank you for checking out the cheddar path and for your kind words.

    You know what’s crazy, man? I’m realizing that small, locally owned businesses are like the most socialist operations ever, it’s these big ass multinational corporations that are the real beasts of capitalism. That’s what I’m interested in exploring further.

    I remember one of those late night Louisiana convos we had involved you mentioning a possible interest in opening a bar at some point in the future. Perhaps a bar that could also double as a community space for events, fund raisers, reading circles and late night revolutionary meetings? Let’s keep talking and make it happen, bruh. Keep dreaming.



  3. “theyre waging war like dumb-f*cks bro, the truth’s tragic; but cheddar’s asian/raw/uncut dope, like blue magic.”

    you gully bastard.
    big love to you and your progression.


  4. big ups on the new blog!

    i think you should rename them “rich blog, poor blog”. i like how you got a blog to represent your down-ass, funny, artistic JA side, and one for your entrepreneurial, money hungry chinese american side.

    now lets that muuuunaaaaaay!


  5. Right on, C, you rappin ass mahf*cka, much love to you.

    T.Naka, “rich blog, poor blog” indeed, sun.

    My politicized JA side is like “Write on the cheddar box because it is free from corporate control. The cheddar box knows that Japanese Americans were imprisoned and oppressed by the US government during WWII, and thus our struggle is aligned with the oppression that happens to all people of color in the US and throughout the world. Power to the people!”

    The Chinese side is like “take ad money from Google on the cheddar path! We have power because we got the munaaaaay!”

    Hahahahah much love to ya’ll.


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