Rza, “You Can’t Stop Me Now”

Rza is the frickin man. Wu-Tang forever. This one’s from his upcoming “Rza as Bobby Digital” album, Digi Snacks.


5 responses to “Rza, “You Can’t Stop Me Now”

  1. oh shit, todd angkasumthainame co-directed a rza video?! i meet that dood a couple of years ago thru my boy roscoe. damn, asian music video directors are coming up! southeast asian stock!

    i’m a big rza fan but i hope this new bobby digital album slaps harder than the first one.

    -tad one

  2. Southeast asian stock = good investment.

    I dug the last Wu album, which was almost all Rza produced, so I’m thinking he’s in a good creative space right now.


  3. RulerZigZagZigAllah!!!
    Wu-Tang forever, indeed. This video is super ill and i love the comic-book-esuqe-ness of it all. Vegas in t-minus 27 days. I fear for all of our lives (in a good way).

    Perpendicular to the square,

  4. Kori, i miss you man. Yo man, this song must be hot, my mom was just singing along with the hook! For real though, that shit was impressive and i hella wasn’t impressed by rza’s first solo. but u know i guess he has you know scored major films and shit since then, and this song hella felt like he was taking me on a little journey with him, and the video is sick too. i feel like i’m talking (typing) like my little cousins right now. anyway.

    peace man, i miss you broski, hella homo.

    G mitch.

  5. Hey I did a pretty long in deep reviwe of Digi Snacks at my music review blog named Noosic. I posted a video of the making of “Cant Stop Me Now” Peace.



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