No on Prop. 98, Yes on Prop. 99

Cali voters, get out and vote tomorrow, June 3rd! Trusted sources tell me to spread the word about voting NO ON PROPOSITION 98! It is disguised as a measure to protect home owners from a government take over of the property through eminent domain, but WHAT IT REALLY DOES IS END RENT CONTROL LAWS IN CA!! Seeing as how rent control laws are one of the last remaining tools used to stop the crazy gentrification sweeping across the Bay, it is very important that we stop this measure from passing. The better alternative is to vote YES on Prop. 99, which does protect against eminent domain without dismantling rent control. So, NO on 98, Yes on 99. My ignant ass doesn’t know about any of the other measures.


17 responses to “No on Prop. 98, Yes on Prop. 99

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  2. you’re ignant?! Shit I’m actually IN cali, and i didnt even know there was a vote coming up. shieeeeeet. i thought it was just one in november.

  3. LOL… Amen to that. When/where do I vote? Ima google that rit-now!

  4. Go to the CA secretary of state website for all the voting info you need (where to go, etc.):

    No on 98, Yes on 99, you silly ass mufuckas!

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  11. yea, good lookin k-cheddah! i just voted. feelin like an active citizen and shit. that the 1st time i’ve voted (not counting voting in Tallulah) since i dont know when. i’m back up in this ish.

  12. im on my way after my program ends. cant wait to get my “ya vote'” sticker!

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  16. Props to you brothas for voting, it looks like early returns are showing Prop 98 losing and 99 winning, chea!


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