So Obama finally clinched the nomination and became the first major Black candidate to win the presidential nomination. Tons of thoughts on the whole thing, more to come later. Hilary is apparently already maneuvering to get on the ticket as his VP. She is ridiculous, but I almost can’t help but be a little impressed by her relentless, ruthless drive.

In other election news, much love to all the Cali voters who got out their and did their thing yesterday, as it appears that Prop 98 was defeated and Prop 99 won. Rent control is saved! This is another reminder that California voters are armed with a tool that not all states have: ballot measures. By drafting policy ourselves and getting enough signatures, we the people have the power to push for a direct vote on direct policy change. Mind you it also means the crazies and the haters can come out and draft their own legislation (cough people trying to outlaw gay marriage in november cough), but still. Something to keep in mind.


6 responses to “Clinched

  1. KCeezy,

    I have to admit that I took some time to really reflect on this yesterday. My first reaction was simply “thank God this sh*t is over,” but I sat there by myself for a while and REALLY chose to take this in as a major victory. While he possesses a plethora of a multitude of inadequecies when it comes to my personal leftist, socialismo, radical politics, he is also someone I admire, respect and is the only person I have ever been excited enough about to truly care about a presidential election. Ever.

    Ima avoid my cynicism about Barack for one day and just bask in the glory of Hillary supporters calming the f*ck down. She is 19-stuey for saying he’d be a crappy president, then saying he’d be a great VP to her, and now assuming he will hand her the job of VP. Wow. So, so special. Got entitlement?

    Stay up big Chen Guevarra,

    p.s. Thanks for reminding me to vote yesterday!
    p.p.s. It’s like (the brilliant) Cornel West says: “The day he wins, I will run screaming into the street and will break-dance all day long. The very next morning when I awake, I will become his FIERCEST critic.”

  2. Esssssiiiiting. This whole year, I’ve been checking more regularly than perezhiton. We’re so fortunate to witness these breakthough moments in history.

    Hey, do you know if to pass a state constitutional amendment in CA, you need a 2/3 majority? Nobody seems to know the answer to this question.

  3. Apparently, when an amendment is pushed by initiative (by the people) it only needs simple majority of over 50%!

    When the legislature proposes an amendment, it needs to be approved by a 2/3 majority in both the senate and the house, then a simple majority by the people.

    Crazy! It makes you wonder why progressive groups in California don’t use the ballot measure tool more often, to go on the offensive. Seems like a proven, simple and effective tool to me. But who am I, right? Sigh.


  4. Ugh, that’s bad news…just for the amendment to ban gay marriage in CA. Thanks for answering that question though. The haters got 1.1 million signatures to put the amendment on the November bill. Scary, bad…must fight fight fight. Progressive groups should go on the offensive more often, but are unfortunately too busy defending what they’ve already achieved.

  5. Hehehe Chen Guevarra– I like that Colin.

    This election is crazy and I’m so thrilled to be witnessing it. I’m still in denial that it’s really happening, and every time Barack talks about ending the war and our reliance on foreign oil, I wince b/c I worry about him and all the deep pockets out there that he is threatening. I must admit, I’ve been conflicted throughout this whole primary– empathizing for Hillary (that was long ago now), frustrated that Barack isn’t taking more progressive stances, wanting to support Matt Gonzalez’s candidacy for Independent VP… but now I’m SO DOWN TO GET DOWN with what we have to do to get this man the presidency. I feel jaded and demoralized by our political system and leaders… but I’m feeling inspired as hell by this message of hope and faith and coming together… and his speech last night was THE BOMB. Come on, let’s GOTV and make this happen!

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