Leon Powe is a Boss

I know I’m late with this post, seeing as how the Celtics just lost game 3 last night, but big ups to Leon Powe representing the Town well and beasting out in game 2 of the NBA Finals! Powe was born and raised in my hometown of Oakland. He was a prep star during high school at Oakland Tech, and then stayed in the Bay and played at Cal before entering the NBA draft. I’m also guessing that the number “O” he now wears stands for Oakland, and that goes.


7 responses to “Leon Powe is a Boss

  1. Powe is a beast and a half. Thanks for showing that Bay love. Did u see him take it coast to coast and jam on Farmar and Gasol viciously hard?!?!?!

  2. Bay love is in effect all day, and we’re having crazy thunder storms in the southeast right now, which makes me miss that wonderful Cali weather even more.

    Definitely saw Leon boo boo all over farmar and gasol.

    Take care, bruh.


  3. Leon Powe is the MAN!!!!!!! He’s an incredible person on top of being such a great bball player. I am proud to be from the same home town as him.

  4. i think it was 2 seasons at cal? he’s the motherfuckin man tho. god damn i’m glad theres a reason to watch these finals.

  5. Well, he was there for 3 seasons but technically only played for 2 because he was sidelined with an injury his second season as a Bear. So we’re both right, but the post has been corrected. You happy now, smart guy? Cooool, D.

    Hahah, peace bruh.


  6. shiiieeeeet partner. they thought he was nba ready when he was in highschool.

    and keep up the good work bro. despite the fact that i do only comment on the basketball related posts, i’m still a regular reader (the path go’s too). i’ll try to step my game up on other topics such as Community College dave zirin death penalty Dirty South Dustin Nguyen Fox News Fremont Gary King golden state warriors Graduation Green Bay Packers

  7. Hahaha. Right on, D, much appreciated.


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