Koreans Take It To The Streets

Been meaning to post about his for awhile but folks have probably heard about the massive protests that took place in South Korea recently. The video footage of the police crackdown, hosing peaceful protestors is disturbing. While the mainstream press mostly called it a reflection of the South Korean people’s desire to not buy beef from the US for fears that it might be contaminated with mad cow disease, it was actually part of a much more broad call for widespread government and policy reforms. The labor unions in South Korea are militant as hell, with over 600,000 members that work in all sectors of the economy, and they are apparently calling for a nationwide strike on July 2nd. I watched the awesome documentary, Fourth World War recently (everyone should definitely check it out), and they highlighted the South Korean labor unions protesting oppressive trade policies like NAFTA several years ago. Anytime thousands of people mobilize around progressive causes is impressive to me, no matter where it takes place. It just goes to show that there really is a global movement happening right now that is fighting for a more just global economy. Asians taking it to the streets! Holla!


2 responses to “Koreans Take It To The Streets

  1. Damn cuz. that shit is nuts. waterhoses are such familiar a tool for state apparatuses dealing with protesters. that’s some fucked up shit. so reminicent of the civil rights marches. take it to the streets indeed. peace.

  2. Koreans like protesting, it strengthens their image of being victimized. It’s one thing to protest within the legal bounds of a country but most of the recent protests in Korea have gone outside those bounds and have created chaos for those not interested.

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