Weezy & Bun Killin ’08

I’ll say it again, I love southern rap in all its beauty and ugliness and nobody embodies that more than L’il Wayne. His new album, The Carter III, just sold over a million copies in one week, which is impressive for any artist in this day and age of free internet downloads. The folks over at Pitchfork made an interesting point in describing Weezy as setting “the definition of a Web 2.0 emcee,” meaning that he has given away so much free music in the form of a gazillion downloadable mixtapes over the last couple of years that he totally amped up his image in the media, beefed up his lyrical skills, and amazingly, translated that into sales when he finally did drop his official album. It’s almost like people were so used to getting free music from Wayne that everyone decided buying his official release this time around as the least they could do to pay him back. Bananas. The homeboy Colin breaks down the Carter III a lot more in depthly and talks about Wayne’s relevance over at his blog.

While I don’t love the Carter III like I love the Carter II, I do like the album a lot. And definitely click on the image above to download one of those excellent aforementioned free mixtapes, Dj Benzi’s “None Higher” mix.

And while we’re on the topic of new southern rap, I am loving the new Bun B. album, II Trill. Did Bun just make the community organizer’s anthem for 2008 with, “If It Was Up To Me” (below)???


One response to “Weezy & Bun Killin ’08

  1. Good sh*t KC. I am DLing the mitape as we speak! I meant to write about that Bun B and how amazingly freshtatstic it is. So dope how Chops (of the Mountain Bros) produced some of the most slumpinest beats on the album.

    The south is doing the damn thing right now (and has been for hella long) and it aint just hype. Much bay love for the whole south.

    Peace oAkTLien. c u next weekend!

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