The Obligatory Warriors Fan Baron Davis Leaving Post

What up Cheddar Boxers, sorry about the lack of posts recently.

Of course, coming back into post mode in the point in time that I have chosen, I as a Bay Area, Warriors basketball fan must share some thoughts about the recent move by star point guard Baron Davis to opt out of his last year with the Dubs and head down south to his Los Angeles hometown to play with the Clippers.

Definitely sucks. B Diddy brought a lot of swag back to Bay Area basketball. Peep Matt Steinmetz’ blog post if you haven’t already, to see how the Dubs management totally mishandled the situation(and I also think it’s funny that I would ever say “Peep awkward ass Matt Steinmetz’s dope blog post!”). I totally tried to shrug the shit off like “we’re better off without him” for a little while, and promptly got called out by the LA homie Tad that it was some “I didn’t even like her anyway” type bullshit (I admit it, Tad, but still…fuck you :P). Management was clearly skeptical about the long term condition of his bum knee, even though he played in every game last season, and Steiny points out how Baron is pretty skeptical of the knee himself, so he really chose to get the most he could through a long term deal and the opportunity to go home. They’ve made the game a business, so I can’t be mad at him for making a good business move, getting paid crazy dough banana bread to move back to LA which is clearly where he wants to be also because of his film making dreams.

Thanks for beasting out in East Oakland for as long as you did, Baron, good luck to you. I will end with the now classic “Andrei Kirlenko getting pooed on” shot.

The Warriors should now proceed to get a big man and unleash Monta.




6 responses to “The Obligatory Warriors Fan Baron Davis Leaving Post

  1. I found your site on Google and read a few of your other entires. Nice Stuff. I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

  2. I’m still in mourning…DEPRESSING 5000.

    But very happy that you’ve returned.

    We must talk LLOYD.

  3. “Street Love” was a damn fine RnB album. Damn fine indeed. Feel u though, that boy Lloyed is metro to the max.

  4. best shot of baron pooing on andre ever. never seen that 1. this was some of the saddest news ever. i felt like my girlfriend cheated on me with my best friend for a sec. like “i loved you! you told me you loved me!!! you sed we’d be together forever and now youre with him!!” LOL.

    i agree that a big like elton brand would be fabuloso. this just may be monta’s chance to become the new heart of the team which would be awesome. it jus sucks that we’llhave yet another ex-warrior, warrior-killer coming to visit us 4 times a season.

    plz keep them posts coming! i need cheddarbox in my life foreeltho.

    had so much fun in sincity w u brother. looking forward to seeing u again at the wedding!

    big love brudda chendo,

  5. bah humbug. fuck that shit. aint mad at him tho. take that got damn bread son. i know i wouldn’t have to think twice. ever. if somebody threw 1 million for 1 year i’d have to say…Um…yeah! hella weak, but i’ma have to get over it. but on another note: Lloyd GOES! Street Love= hella slept on.

  6. let it burn my ninjas, let it burn!

    long hair don’t care!

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