Spraypaint & Inkpens

Happy birthday and much love to the homeboy David Scott who put me on to this song. Ghostface and Mike Shinoda both do the damn thing, and then Lupe booboos on everyone with some next level storytelling about a futuristic romance amidst a backdrop of epic intergalactic war, ya dig?


3 responses to “Spraypaint & Inkpens

  1. ain’t listened to the song yet, i’ma listen to it after statistics today. funny i think mike shinoda is hella corny, but i’m still completely open to hearing the song. i mean how can you say “No” to ghostface or lupe? don’t make no got damn sense. But back to the point: Happy Birthday D Scott! Hope everything happening for you is helping you grow into an even better man and human being. peace bruh, i’ll see ya’ll mighty soon.


  2. GOT DAMN. That song is incredible. Ghostface rips it, so does Lupe, Shinoda’s gonna obviously take me having an open mind to appreciate, but hey so be it. That fuckin hook is unbelievable, “Spraypaint and inkpens/ I use to write in every color I think in,” damn brother Lupe is on another level. KCHEDDAH GOES!

  3. Yeah, this track goes so damn hard. Slavename goes hard as well. peace brother.


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