Heath Ledger is a Boss, RIP

Just got back from the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Batman flick, which knocked me on my ass. I’m a comic book nerd, and this could quite possibly be the best comic book flick I’ve ever seen, real talk.

All the hype around Heath Ledger’s final completed performance as the Joker is totally warranted, the man acted his ass off. I heard he locked himself in a hotel room with the lights off for months to get into character and develop the Joker’s voice and mannerisms. Bananas. The Joker’s an evil force of fucking nature in this movie, and you can’t take your eyes off him when he’s on screen. RIP Heath Ledger, you are a boss.

Aaron Eckhart comes out of nowhere also and nails the role of Harvey Dent.

On top of all that, we got to see the trailer for the Watchmen movie, which looks sick as hell. Watchmen is one of the most popular and celebrated graphic novel/comic book series of all time, and I’m a big fan of it. It looks like they really nailed the look and tone of the book.

Us comic book heads definitely have it good right now.


6 responses to “Heath Ledger is a Boss, RIP

  1. That Watchmen trailer made my head explode. I might have to stand in line dressed up in costume for this one….

  2. jus got tix to see it in imax on weds!!! i cant wait!!! arrgrgggggghhh!!!!!

    i second ali’s comment bout that trailer. jesus i almost pooped myself that was so scrumptulescent. =)


  3. I know right? And ya’ll have the read the novel so I know you feel me. Looks like they really got that shit…

  4. I’m gonna be that blogger nerd/hater and say, “They should have done Watchmen as a two-parter or trilogy if they truly wanted to capture the full richness.”

    Glad I’m not the only nerd blogging about “The Dark Knight.” To quote Colin, “That shit went hard in the paint, son!”

  5. I’m actually surprised they didn’t do multiple Watchmen movies too. I would think the suits in the studio offices would want an opportunity to make more money, but I guess not everyone knows Watchmen like they know Batman so they might have been hesitant.

    You gotta admit though, Dobo, that’s a pretty sick trailer. I really didn’t want them to screw up Watchmen, and I’m excited about it now.

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