The X-Men Move To The Bay

Oh hell yeah. The X-Men comic books and accompanying mid-90s cartoon were probably some of my favorite things ever growing up. And now, the current X-Men team in the comics have moved to the Bay.

It makes a lot of sense really. The X-Men stories have always been about escaping persecution, tolerance of differences, etc. Where better for them to be located than a “sanctuary city” like SF?

Axel Alonso, executive editor at Marvel Comics, is a San Francisco native and the driving force behind bringing the X-Men to the Bay. When asked how far he is willing to go when it comes to including local landmarks and Bay Area minutiae in the books, Alonso replied:

“All the way. For me, I want to see the X-Men eating at La Taqueria on 26th and Mission and enjoying the carne asada taco. I want to see (X-Men member) Emma Frost getting out of bed in a Monta Ellis Golden State Warriors jersey. I want to feel that culture.”

How dope is that?

Maybe the X-Men can fight the rampant gentrification that is drastically changing the city for the worse as well!


6 responses to “The X-Men Move To The Bay

  1. Sick…

    They need to stop by el farallito on 24th and mission. That’s the best 24 hour Taqueria in SF to my knowledge, hands down.

    Maybe cause their heroes, they won’t get charged 50 cents for chips?

    They can also start on the gentrification problem in the Mission while they’re in the neighborhood.

  2. Allow me to geek out to a fellow geek.

    Meh. Aside from Astonishing and Young X-men, I’ve been consistently bored by the X-books since Grant Morrison left.

    The activist in me always wished the X-men were more pro-active agents of societal change as opposed to playing the role of super heroes. I thought Grant laid a lot of ground work for that and then they stripped it right back down to the status quo.

    Looking back on what I liked about the old issues was the personal stories of the characters, which has been lacking for awhile now. Astonishing and Young X-men were the only titles that seemed to do that while also having them duke it out.

    Btw, you need to pick up all the Green Lantern stuff since Rebirth up to the Sinestro Corps War.

  3. …or maybe one of the x-men can make the warriors roster and help them make it to the playoffs one day…but then again, management would probably fuck that up too! ohh!

    -the hater

  4. Ohhh do I sense a little X-Men envy there, Tad? They wanted to come to a sanctuary city, not a smog city, biaaaatch!

  5. I was at the Brainwash open mic last night and used this premise as my opening joke,

    At first I was excited, an established super-hero group moving to the Bay Area, until I read why the writer’s moved them…

    “Mutants face a lot of prejudice, being different and everything, so they needed to move to a more tolerant city…”

    What kind of super-hero team has to move because their former place of residence was intolerant?

    Professor X was all, “TO ME, MY X-MEN! We must save New York from Magneto!”

    Wolverines like, “Nah man, they called me names…”

    Thanks KChen!

  6. Ahahahahah thats fuckin hilarious. Glad I could be of help to you, sir.


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