Obama 2008 DNC Speech

Sometimes, I really just have to put aside my cynicism and marvel at the power of a skilled orator. Despite all of my frustrations with the Democratic party and Obama himself, you can never say that he doesn’t know how to deliver a damn good speech; the man is a seriously gifted speaker. Those skills were on display at the final night of the DNC, where Obama gave his speech accepting the Dem’s nomination to run for President, the first Black candidate to ever do so.

I was really feeling how he emphasized that: “This race was never about me, it was about you and what’s happening all across America…Change doesn’t come from Washington, it comes to Washington.” I actually take that message as a rallying cry for us in the social justice movement. We’ve seen how much the Democrats cave in to conservative demands, it’s the nature of our rigged two-party duopoly in 2008 America. However, if he gets in office and we organize our communities to demand progressive action, my hope is that this man would listen. At the same time, we should be doing the same thing with our city council people, county people, state people, etc. Even Lyndon Johnson, a conservative southern good ‘ol boy, had to sign the Civil Rights Act into law because people were taking it to the streets and demanding action from the government.


3 responses to “Obama 2008 DNC Speech

  1. It was a great speech. I think it’s fair to say that Barack Obama is gifted and a gift. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I put the cynicism on the side last night, too. I just took it in once he got to the podium, and while there were a couple of moments that made me go hmm, it was hard not to feel the energy and the moment.

    Did you notice, though, that when he finally mentioned immigration, there was no cheering (unlike choice, the right to bear arms, or same sex marriages). His talking points seemed good, but his party isn’t with him.

    I kind of want to see what the RNC’s lovefest will look like. I remember what the streets were like during the NYC 2004 RNC convention. Wish we could be out there in the Twin Cities this time.


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