Dave Zirin on Gustav

Once again, the best sports writer in the game, Dave Zirin, breaks down the issue, in this case, Hurricane Gustav and the politics of New Orleans. He says:

“New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin said over the weekend, “Anybody who’s caught looting in the city of New Orleans will go directly to Angola [Louisiana State Penitentiary]. You will not have a temporary stay in the city. You go directly to the big house, in general population.”

Considering that many of the so called looters after Katrina, were fighting for their lives, and considering that the media had color-coded looters, with white residents classified as heroes, the implications of Nagin’s dictate is chilling. It’s horrifying to think that they could be laying their head in the former slave plantation known as Angola.”

I lived and worked in New Orleans for a time, and there is a magic in the people and the culture there that is indescribable. At the same time, I’ve never seen such rampant political corruption. I’m glad to hear that as of now there were no deaths related to Gustav, and my heart goes out to the people there not only for dealing with the threat of natural disaster time and time again, but for also having to deal with the the dangers and effects of corrupt institutional bureaucracy for so long.


4 responses to “Dave Zirin on Gustav

  1. Thanks for the post. I’m already sick of how the RNC is using Gustav as a “success” story in their spin on service at their convention.

  2. motherf*ck the RNC. fred thompson is the devil’s henchman. Bush did his speech via satellite, because his approval rating is so low, he had to endorse mccain from thousands of miles away, literally distancing himself from the GOP’s candidate. sh*t stresses me out how awash in bullsh*t amerikan politics is.

    apologize for the vent. i need an “audacity of hope” recharge that don’t include obama moving closer to that middle-road-liberal-wacktastic playbook. sheesh.

    ima rent this movie on the way home from school, btw.


  3. Hey brother – I just read this interview with Zirin. Check out who he says he’s been listening to: Head-Roc (who has a great piece all about changing the Redskins’ name), Son of Nun (a Baltimore native who does really great pro-immigrant stuff), and… drum roll Blue Scholars!

    Time for me to catch up on his books. Damn.

  4. I know! I heard him name drop Blue Scholars in a Q&A session he did out in San Francisco. That pretty much sealed the deal for me in terms of Zirin’s dopeness. Check his website, Edge of Sports, as I think he just released “A People’s History of Sports” and should be doing some book touring in your area.


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