Obama on O’Reilly & RNC Ridiculousness

The first of a multiple part interview between Bill “Shut Up” O’Reilly and Barack Obama took place Thursday night on Fox News. The topic of the conversation was national security and “fighting terrorism” in the Middle East. Now, any talk about the situation in the Middle East that comes from a Democrat or a Republican is probably going to include pretty terrible and problematic rhetoric (we all know that nothing good is going to come out of O’Reilly’s mouth, but damn am I sick of hearing Obama and the Dems talk about Iraqis needing to “take responsibility.” Like they actually want the estimated 95,000 reported civilian deaths since the 2003 invasion?). However, the thing to remember about any interview with O’Reilly (or on Fox News) is that it’s not about substance or the issues. It’s always about who can best control the conversation. With that being said, I thought that Obama did a pretty good job of fending off O’Reilly’s bullying.

In terms of the Republican National Convention, Rudy Giuliani and VP nominee Sarah Palin both get a big yellow middle finger from me for insulting community organizers everywhere with their condescending comments like, “I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a community organizer – except that you have actual responsibilities”. For what it’s worth, the RNC gets a big “Fuck You” from the Box.

How bad are Republican speeches? Palin pretty much just spewed out lies and McCain didn’t outline one policy proposal or say anything substantive at all. Very unimpressive.

Peep this article for a response to the jabs at community organizing (thanks, sis).


7 responses to “Obama on O’Reilly & RNC Ridiculousness

  1. its all so silly isnt it?

    palin left me at a loss for words when she said what she did about community organziners. ppl do that work WHEN THEIR GOVERNMENT FAILS THEM. non-profits and community activism are what happens when people who are given no assistance or compassion, decide to take their safety & well-being into their own hands. i shouldve seen this sh*t coming from the GOP, but i was actually surprised at what a low-blow that was.

    palin and her supporters also keep speaking of her daughter’s preganancy to the effect of “government shouldn’t meddle in the lives of people’s families and children,” and as “off-limits.” BLUD… that sounds quite a bit like being PRO-CHOICE!



    p.s. you should check out Omi & Winant’s “Racial Formation Theory” – absolut mcdummybananas.

    p.p.s. “If I ever see O’Reilly in the street, he don’t deserve an intelligent explanation. I’ll bite his f*ckin’ nose off.” -Nas

  2. Right? And you know that if one of Obama’s kids got pregnant it would probably tank his campaign and the most ugly racist shit would get spewed at them. Double standard, thy name is Republican.

    Palin and Rudy’s speeches were really like, personally insulting to me, insulting my livelihood and shit, and so I had to take a deep breath before trying to write a semi-intelligent response. It was bad, I was yelling at the tv calling her a whore and him a fan of the cockmeat sandwich. Not helpful at all.

    Yeah, we had to read Omi & Winant for sociology back in college, good shit. Michael Omi lives in the Bay, too! He’s actually folks with my moms, let me know if you ever want to holler at him for research and things.

    Peace king,


  3. i keep on hearing from older folks that liberals and conservatives used to be able to have normal fair tempered conversations. If i were barack i would have been at his neck 2 minutes into the interview. obama is one cool cat

  4. Seriously, Obama was super smooth in the interview, figuring out ways to defuse the idiot known as “Papa Bear.”

  5. HAHAHA! Oh, Papabear…

    U know Michael Omi…

    My bad cuz. When I recommended that book to you, I forgot for 2 seconds that you were the boss of all bosses. wont happen again blud. =)

  6. Oh those Republicans and their one line zingers!!! The RNC sounded like one of those old school Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts shows or when In Living Color had those “Ya Mama” skits.

  7. Bill “Shut Up” O’Reilly is the funniest nickname for anyone i’ve EVER heard!

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