Another Total Recall?

Awwww shiet. California’s powerful prison gaurds’ union has initiated procedures to push for a recall of Governor Arnold. Their reasoning is that his “catastrophic leadership failings have left the state in far worse shape than before his election.” Cali and its Governor ain’t looking so hot these days, being $17.2 billion in the hole and getting a lot of shit for lowering state workers’ pay from upwards of $7.50 an hour to the federal minimum wage of $6.55/hr. Never thought I would be a fan of the prison gaurds’ union, but politics breeds strange bedfellows apparently, so let’s get it on! Keep an eye on this one.


2 responses to “Another Total Recall?

  1. Gotta love the fact we still don’t have an approved budget yet… what is it, month 3 now?

  2. Yeah, shit was supposed to be approved 3 months ago now, bananas. I hope they go through with this recall shit, tho. I’m glad to see folks holding a conservative governor who fucks shit up accountable, seeing as how Arnold himself got in through some recall election, technicality shit.

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