Lupe Fiasco ~ “Birds & The Bees” (Prod. By Kanye West)

I had never heard this unreleased Lupe Fiasco track, “Birds & The Bees,” produced by Kanye West, until recently, but I dig it. Apparently, he was listening to a Kanye beat cd and wanted to make his own version of Jay-Z’s “Girls, Girls, Girls.” Of course, this is a Lupe track, so it’s a completely different beast of a song, with some interesting lyrics.

Two of the most read posts on The Box (this one and this one) have to do with Lupe. Both of those pretty much sum up why I jock this dood’s steez, but listening to some of his mixtapes lately, I think we have pretty similar political analyses as well, especially when he spits some shit like:

“Best believe our system it sucks, but a person like me don’t believe in the system and such. Naw, I be rippin ’em up. But for every pond there’s different ducks. I believe if you participate at a lower level you can get a lot more things done like working with the alderman but I ain’t alterin’ this song to be a political statement, let’s take it back to the basement.”

~ “Outty 5000”

*Note: In Chicago, where Lupe is from, members of the city council are called “aldermen.”

**Further note: In one of the posts mentioned above, someone calling themselves “Wasalu Muhammad Jaco” left a comment thanking the fans and announcing that a new Lupe mixtape would be availabe before October 2008. That is Lupe’s real name, and although I know that it was probably just someone posing as him on the internet, if in fact Lupe is reading The Cheddar Box, I think my head might explode. FnF up!


One response to “Lupe Fiasco ~ “Birds & The Bees” (Prod. By Kanye West)

  1. lupe goes. if that was really him shouting out on your last lupe post, i think my brain’ll explode too. wassalu doin the damn thing.


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