Peter Camejo 1939-2008

Last Saturday, we lost a truely progressive pioneer, as third party political activist Peter Camejo succumbed to lymphoma and died at his home in Folsom, California.

Camejo helped to found the California Green Party and ran for governor three times, including during the Gray Davis recall election (I am proud to say I voted for him). He ran for president in 1976 as the Socialist Workers Party candidate and was Ralph Nader’s VP candidate during his independent presidential campaign in 2004.

A short excerpt from the article above:

Active in the Free Speech Movement and in protests against the Vietnam War as a student at UC Berkeley in the late 1960s, Mr. Camejo landed on then-Gov. Ronald Reagan’s list of the 10 most dangerous people in California. School officials eventually expelled him, two quarters shy of a degree.

The spark of activism stayed with him as he became a leader in the movement to give voice to third-party candidates. He fought for universal health care, election reform, farmworker rights, living wage laws and against the death penalty and abortion restrictions.

His forum was often electoral politics, where he challenged Republicans and Democrats alike.

As a strong supporter of third parties in this country, as well as being a pioneer in the area of socially responsible investing, Camejo was a person whose beliefs and work really resonated with me.

RIP Peter Camejo, your lifework was and will continue to be an inspiration.


4 responses to “Peter Camejo 1939-2008

  1. camejo was a boss and his presence in the whole body of amerikan politics will be sorely missed. rest in peace, brother peter.

    kori, i aint said this to you before, but i am awaiting the day you run for office in oakland. whut it dew?


  2. Hahaha, much love bruh. I dunno about running, but I would love for ALL of us to work together on taking back local politics in the Yay. Yadidivote?


  3. It’s easy to take people like Peter Camejo for granted, but i guess i’ve seen too many things or lived long enough to understand how important a Peter Camejo is in combating hegemony and working in the everday struggles of people who need advocates. I voted for Camejo (even during a nihilistic political phase for me) because everything i heard him talk about was hella bout it and real. RIP to a REAL boss.


  4. That’s wassup, G. You’re a boss for voting for him, I didn’t know you did but that makes hella sense. His passing is a big loss, but we gotta keep that independent political spirit alive. I just registered as an “independent” voter in Georgia. Even if I end up voting for Obama, decided I didn’t want to be a Dem anymore. Hope all is well with you, brother.


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